Operations Management

Industry Experts

We have decades of experience.

Local Advantage

We understand the market.

Performance Driven

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Growth Oriented

The sky's the limit.

Industry Experts

Anant Enterprises is a leader in Operations Management, providing a growth-focused operations management method that can effectively mitigate investment risk. Our management team consists of a core group of individuals backed with decades of industry experience.

As hoteliers, we live and breathe hospitality. We know how to manage properties and provide exceptional experiences to guests while understanding the objectives of the real estate’s investors.

Local Advantage

We know our markets and we do our research. Our thourough understanding of the local market segment provides an exceptional advantage over the competition. Our proactive approach in understanding the local area allows us to seize unique opportunities and provide insight that can lead to the outperformance of core markets.

Performance Driven

By owning, developing, and operating our properties from the ground up, we thoroughly understand the complexities of property asset management. Our hands-on industry expertise allows us to manage properties to optimize performance and drive growth.

At Anant Enterprises, we utilize a holistic approach to strategically manage and monitor assets to improve efficiencies and effectively utilize capital expenditure. Our asset management model optimizes ROI through careful and meticulous operations at the property level.

Growth Oriented

We are just getting started. Anant Enterprises is on course to becoming the preeminent hotel industry leader throughout the Midwest. We set the standard in hospitality development and management through our knowledgeable leadership and systemized procedures.

Brand Variety

Hospitality is our expertise. We operate a variety of different hotels throughout Nebraska. We are proud to own and operate 4 hotels in Omaha, 4 hotels in Lincoln, 1 hotel in Crete, and 1 hotel in McCook. We offer exceptional, Midwest hospitality in all our properties across the state.

EVEN Hotels by IHG

Stay healthier and happier with our wellness-focused rooms and staff. EVEN Hotels offer the best in-house experiences, healthy meal options, and natural, relaxing spaces.

Aloft Hotels by Marriott

Aloft Hotels caters to today’s modern traveler who craves jet-setting style and a vibrant social scene. Urban-inspired design, accessible technology and innovative programing centering on music make Aloft Hotels unique.

Holiday Inn by IHG

With warm experiences, Holiday Inn defines a legacy of true hospitality by always being there with what you need. We provide comfort and affordability at a place you know and trust.

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott

Inspired by the Fairfield Farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Fairfield Inn & Suites guarantees to offer warm hospitality and always provide and inviting and effortless experience.

Holiday Inn Express by IHG

Holiday Inn Express has got you covered. Expect a clean, consistent, comfortable stay with every thing you need to launch into your day and keep you ready for whatever comes next.

Other Services

Hotels aren’t the only thing we excel in. We are excited to expend our development and operations to include residential buildings assisted with our growing construction sector.

We’re always looking for ways to grow. Combining these services has given us the ability to complete our projects starting from the ground up. We like to ensure the quality we expect has been incorporated into our properties from very the beginning.

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