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Hospitality Management From Every Angle…

Anant is an industry leader in managing all types of hospitality assets profitably and with integrity. Our years of operational experience can benefit your asset at any point in its business lifecycle.

Anant owns and manages a portfolio of successful hospitality and multi-family assets. These assets are made up of Full Service, Select Service and Limited Service hospitality properties. We understand what ownership and asset management groups want to see from a Third-Party Management Company. Some of the services we can provide to our clients that we manage assets for include the following

Anant can immediately complete a full assessment of existing assets including physical and financial evaluations to validate proper asset values. This type of professional assessment would include the following:

  • Physical assessment of the physical plant including structural and large capital items.
  • Review of property’s position in the existing Smith Travel Research (STR) Comp Set to determine how the asset competes in the existing comp set and what the asset should reasonably expect to achieve moving forward.
  • Establish and manage relationships with national brands like IHG, Marriott, Hilton, Choice, etc. to determine the best marketing position of asset within its current STR comp set.

Anant will oversee the entire operation of each hospitality asset from top to bottom. Anant’s “Best in Class” management approach assures that each operation shows a solid return on investment along with aggressive asset value appreciation.

Anant will bring its industry-renowned corporate culture to the ongoing hiring and management functions of all ongoing operational personnel at the property level. From GM to Front Desk Associate, Anant management will lead by example and create a working culture that you can be proud of as an asset manager and that will lead to a stable & profitable operation.

  • Anant will take care of all operational Human Resource issues including payroll, reporting, etc.
  • Anant has a Human Resource infrastructure that will support all facets of the employee management segment of the operation.

Anant will leverage our economies of scale and vendor relationships to obtain best-in-class pricing while procuring all types of operational supplies. From Front Desk supplies to laundry chemicals to larger capital expenditures, Anant’s procurement department will work to achieve the best pricing and value possible for your hospitality asset.

Anant uses M3 as its Accounting and Reporting software. M3’s best-in-class accounting program allows Anant to give Asset Managers clear sightlines into the accounting and reporting side of the Asset. Expense management is controlled centrally in our corporate office to ensure accuracy and reliability in the Accounting process.

Anant clients can expect 100% transparent reporting on all asset performance metrics including Top Line Sales, Bottom Line Profitability, and numerous other Quality & Marketing targets. Monthly Accounting Reporting will be sent to all relevant stakeholders and Quarterly Performance meetings will be held by the Anant Management Team with relevant Asset Managers and Owners to give an opportunity to review performance and strategy for assets moving forward.

Anant has many relationships in the hospitality industry and can assist in all aspects of the disposition of an asset including the following:

  • Determination of asset value in the market
  • Introduction of asset manager or ownership to potential buyers
  • Introduction of asset manager or ownership to well-respected hospitality industry brokers
  • Stabilization of operations during the transition period.

Professional Assets Managed Profitably and with Transparency

Anant is able to deliver these services to a wide variety of clients including Asset Owners, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Banks and Insurance Companies. We are able to structure agreements that fit short-term needs (Bank Foreclosures) or long-term goals (REITs and Ownership Groups). We consider our relationship with our clients as more of a partnership with all of us trying to achieve the same goals: Operate hospitality assets that are profitable and we can all be proud of.

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