Who We Are

Anant was formed through a partnership between Dr. Deepak Gangahar and Kirti (Kirt) Trivedi over a Nebraska Cornhusker Football game almost 20 years ago.

Anants main functions are real estate development, operations management, and construction. Dr. Gangahar and Kirt Trivedi began their relationship in 2006.

Their personal and professional relationship is based on the core Anant philosophy pillars of Loyalty, Integrity, Transparency, and a PASSION for hospitality.

They both believe that if you do not love the work you do, you cannot thrive.

Company History

Our Mission

Anant means joyfulness without end or infinite bliss.

We take immense pride in delivering these experiences to anyone who comes through our doors, whether they are guests, employees, or investment owners.

Anant is a cutting-edge company, focused on growth and scalability by dedication to employee growth, investing in technology, and developing refined systems to yield optimal results.

We’ve grown to become an industry leader, providing exceptional service to others and encouraging career advancement and leadership within our employees, thus creating a culture of respect and dignity at every level of operations.

We take time to train our associates how to provide the utmost care for all those they serve.

Company History

Our Beliefs

Company History

Anant uses the core values of Loyalty, Integrity, and Transparency as the backbone of all of its business and employee interactions.

We believe in treating our investors, clients, employees, and vendors the same way we want to be treated. This includes transparency, open communication, continuing education, research, and strategic planning.

We thrive because, at the end of the day, integrity & exceptional service is what distinguishes us from our competition.

We know if we conduct our business honorably, growth, prosperity, and Loyalty will naturally follow.

This principle has led us to the growth we see today and plan to enjoy for many years to come.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Deepak Gangahar
Founder & Company Visionary
Kirt Trivedi
Founder & President
Sean Davis
Vice President of Operations
Linda Whittington
Director of Sales and Revenue
Tina Roberts
Procurement Manager
Jennifer Kline
Accounts Payable & Accounting

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