While our primary focus is development and Operations Management within the hospitality industry, Anant has extensive construction experience. Anant has GC’ed over 50 hotel assets to date. Using our three pillars (LOYALTY, TRANSPARENCY, and INTEGRITY) we use custom and relevant construction agreements that push the responsibility to the trades, which are the true experts in their respective fields. We negotiate aggressively and hold all parties to those agreements. We use an integrated approach to execute an achievable project schedule and cost mitigation. Our quality assurance processes are second to none. We demand an end product that is functional to its intended end use that exceeds industry standards.

We often are an owner, and operate a project as an owner’s rep, driving value through the process. For years we’ve delivered superior projects that include residential, retail development, renovations, and multi-tenant office properties.

Our success continues to grow by faithfully operating under three core philosophy pillars: Honesty, Loyalty and Transparency.

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