Anant Enterprises is laying the foundation for a future of excellence.

Endless Opportunity

Hospitality Leaders

Anant Enterprises is an industry leader in hospitality. Our dedicated team provides decades of experience overseeing the development and operations management of several hotel properties in multiple cities. Due to our refined systems & processes, we are growing at a quick and stable pace.

As hoteliers, we understand the complexities of the industry and remain dedicated to delivering the kind of results owners are seeking from a third party management company. 

We’re raising the bar and setting the standard as a prominent full and select service operations management solution for hotel owners throughout the Midwest.

Even Hotel 3

We specialize in providing investment opportunities through our holistic operations management approach and asset development processes.


Decades of successful Hotel Operations Management experience

Revenue & Sales

A team dedicated with a competitive advantage

Renovations Expertise

In-house construction sector dedicated to seamless PIPs

Brand Variety

A multitude of brand expertise under our belt

Our Work

While our primary focus is development and Operations Management within the hospitality industry, Anant has grown to incorporate divisions for residential and retail real estate, as well as our own construction sector.

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