Kirt Trivedi
Kirt Trivedi
Founder & President

As President and Operating Partner of the organization, Kirt Trivedi is a dedicated leader of Anant’s real estate development and management. Kirt’s expertise & education in the hotel industry has led Anant to thrive as a prominent hospitality operations management organization throughout Nebraska and the midwest.

His experience in hospitality dates back to childhood, where he grew up assisting in cleaning rooms, continuously advancing from there. From cooking to sales to corporate relations and operations management, Kirt Trivedi has experienced every aspect of the hotel industry. In addition to his education at Colorado University, he knows first-hand what it means to drive an organization towards prosperity and success.

Kirt is passionate about delivering exceptional service to guests and a firm believer in transparency when interacting with others.

The words “Say what you mean and mean what you say,” remain at the forefront of Kirt’s interactions with his guests, colleagues, partners, and investors. This direct approach has helped him foster relationships built on mutual trust and respect.

Kirt loves working alongside his colleagues that make up the Anant team. When not leading the Anant organization, Kirt enjoys spending time with his family, strength training, and motor sports.