Manage Anant Operations Inc. is an industry leader in managing all types of hospitality assets profitably and with integrity. Our years of operational experience can benefit your asset at any point of it’s life cycle. Some of the services we provide for various asset managers and owners include the following:

  • Consulting services regarding site selection and brand procurement and land acquisition.
  • Complete assessment of existing assets that may be suitable for purchase including physical and financial evaluations to determine proper asset values.
  • Establish and manage relationships with national brands like IHG, Marriott, Hilton, Choice, ect…
  • Hiring and ongoing management of all operational labor
  • Expense and Procurement management
  • Implementation of sound fiscal accounting processes and procedures
  • Timely and ongoing financial reporting to all asset managers and relevant stakeholders
  • Periodic assessment of asset value and current market price
  • Consultation on disposition when applicable

Anant Operations is able to deliver these services to a wide variety of clients including Asset Owners, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Banks and Insurance Companies. We are able to structure agreements that fit short term needs (Bank Foreclosures) or long term goals (REIT’s and Ownership Groups). We consider our relationship with our clients as more of a partnership with all of us trying to achieve the same goals…Operate hospitality assets that are profitable and that we all can be proud of! Contact Anant Operations Inc. today and talk to Sean Davis about how we can help maximize your hospitality investments!