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Aloft Hotels by Marriott

EVEN Hotels by IHG

Brand Variety

Hospitality is our expertise. We operate a variety of different hotels throughout Nebraska. We are proud to own and operate 4 hotels in Omaha, 4 hotels in Lincoln, 1 hotel in Crete, and 1 hotel in McCook. We provide exceptional, Midwest hospitality management in all our properties across the state.

EVEN Hotels by IHG

Stay healthier and happier with our wellness-focused rooms and staff. EVEN Hotels offer the best in-house experiences, healthy meal options, and natural, relaxing spaces.

Aloft Hotels by Marriott

Aloft Hotels caters to today’s modern traveler who craves jet-setting style and a vibrant social scene. Urban-inspired design, accessible technology and innovative programing centering on music make Aloft Hotels unique.

Holiday Inn by IHG

With warm experiences, Holiday Inn defines a legacy of true hospitality by always being there with what you need. We provide comfort and affordability at a place you know and trust.

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott

Inspired by the Fairfield Farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Fairfield Inn & Suites guarantees to offer warm hospitality and always provide and inviting and effortless experience.

Holiday Inn Express by IHG

Holiday Inn Express has got you covered. Expect a clean, consistent, comfortable stay with every thing you need to launch into your day and keep you ready for whatever comes next.